Do you want your child to develop basic math, reading, science, handwriting and fine motor skills in a fun and exciting way?

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Welcome to Fundamentiks.

Fundamentiks is an Integrated Early Childhood Educational Enrichment and Intervention program custom tailored to help your child play, learn, achieve, and SUCCEED.

Early Childhood Intervention & Enrichment

I recognize that all children have different learning styles, strengths and challenges. I will provide your child the tools they need to overcome challenges, develop their strengths and confidently reach their educational, social and emotional potential.

I work closely with parents who are concerned that their children are falling behind because of learning challenges or perhaps because of a lack of parental confidence with respect to home learning. I also work with parents who don’t have immediate concerns, but simply aspire to guide their children toward a positive, upward scholastic trajectory.

Early Childhood Homeschooling

Homeschool instruction prepares your child for success in school as well as life. It includes 6 key areas of learning important to typical educational growth. These are fine motor, science, reading readiness, math, children’s literature and handwriting. These areas can be customized to meet your childs specific needs.

My program is designed to help your child succeed!